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What Is The Value of 3D Laser Scanning?

Building and marine renovation projects share one thing in common. The need to have accurate as-built documentation either in the form of CAD drawings or a digital 3D model. Unfortunately, many older buildings and marine vessels often have poor or non-existent documentation. This is where 3D laser scanning shines in its ability to very quickly capture all measurements and geometry, with unparalleled accuracy.

Our 3D laser scanning technology has proven to be incredibly versatile in solving very complex measurement problems. Some of the great uses for 3D laser scanning are for building elevations, building floorplans, marine vessel refit and marine vessel stability analysis. The high level of accuracy allows for greater ability for pre-fabrication, thus increasing the project efficiency and reducing the overall project costs.

Notable benefits of 3D laser scanning for building and marine renovation projects include:

•Measurement of complex geometry

Whether it is a unique building with unusual geometry or organic curves, or a marine vessel with beautiful lines, 3d laser scanning can capture it. What would normally take weeks to document traditionally or could not be accurately documented, can now be scanned and modeled in days. We have experience scanning heritage buildings, ornate brickwork, unique round houses, building facades, large fishing vessels, yachts and more.

•Faster documentation

Documentation is an essential step of embarking on any building or marine project. 3D laser scanning is up to three times faster than traditional methods of survey. As such, a faster turnaround time and quicker results can be achieved.

•Reduced site visits

We all have experienced a change of scope or missed elements in our initial site visits. As 3D laser scanning captures the environment in entirety, site visits can often be reduced. This is especially beneficial on projects that are remote and more difficult to access. Focus your time on what you do best instead of worrying about as-builts.

•A reliable project planning method

The data generated by laser scanners is highly reliable and allows stakeholders to make necessary changes and additions before the actual project begins. Our deliverables integrate seamlessly with software that is used by both naval and building architects and engineers.

•More accurate contractor bids

When scanning at the beginning of a project you capture the real-world environment. This allows for better collaboration and communication. Contractors no longer need to “pad” their quotes to cover uncertainty caused by unreliable or missing drawings. One can also expect quicker turnaround of quotes and less delay.

•Greater accuracy

3D laser scanning enables a fast and accurate collection of all visual elements of the project. A 3D laser scanner emits a laser beam that collects up to one million measurement points per second. Machine accuracy is typically in the 2-3mm range, but can also be as little as 1mm depending on equipment used. Eliminate the guesswork on your project.

•Decreased project costs

Accurate as-built documentation can prevent many surprises during renovation and refit. It can also help avoid expensive change orders due to poor drawings. The higher accuracy also allows for more prefabrication and streamlining of design change.

3D scanning technology has become highly useful for architectural and marine projects. Its level of accuracy and complete object capture is unparalleled. We understand that our clients need precise and accurate solutions for all their projects.

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