As-built drawings

Heritage Building Restoration

Nimble Systems approached us looking for assistance with facade restoration of a heritage building that was built in 1983. A portion of the work could not be performed using traditional brick repair methods. They needed to accurately recreate an ornate concrete tile to replace a cracked and broken portion on the heritage building that was built in 1893

We scanned a portion of the brickwork that was still intact which allowed us to reverse engineer a 3D model. An exact reproduction panel was then created using CNC machining.

Tigh Na Mara Resort

Construction company, TS Williams Construction, approached us with a complex and difficult measurement task that couldn’t be performed using traditional methods. They needed to perform extensive renovation work on a beautiful oceanfront lodging that was heavily weathered and exposed to the elements.

Faced with unreliable drawings on the 50 suite log structure, our client asked us to provide high accuracy CAD elevations and CAD site plan. Complicating the measurement task was the heavy vegetation and cliff on the rear face of the building.

After exensive scanning of the complete exterior, we created accurate 2D CAD Elevations and CAD site plan.